Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're sitting at Jc's Bullseye outside of Nashville Tennessee. Brent's on stage playing the cajon & washboard! Omg welcome to my life!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

CMA Fan Fair

I haven't been on my blog much lately. I've been so busy getting my wedding put together and then just living everyday life! Sometimes I have no idea where the time seems to go! Last week Brent & I were blessed with 4 tickets to CMA Fan Fair in Nashville! We called another couple and headed to LP Field! It was a great night. Zac Brown Band, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Sara Evens, Easton Corbin, Jason Aldean, Brad Pasiley and more! It really was a great night! Next year Brent's going to be playing that stage! I just know it! It was very crowed and that bothered Brent just a bit, but all in all it was a great night! Minus how expensive everything it!!

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping! Yay!

Well we finally did it! After weeks & weeks or maybe months & months of trying to work everyones schedule out we finally picked a date to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses! Yay! I meet Fran, Candice, Rachael & Malorie all at David's Bridal! We had a great time trying on dresses! I think they tried on 10 or more! Even Malorie tried some dresses on! She looked adorable! We found dresses for everyone! Double Yay! After all the dress shopping we kept the girls day going and all went to Ihop for lunch! It was a great day! I had so much fun! I finally feel like we're getting things done! Woo hoo 93 days!

Sending the offical invitations!!

Wow! 99 Days until the wedding! Yay! I'm so excited!! I'm working on getting all the invitations ready and hopefully in the mail this week!! I have so much to do & now so little time, but I have faith it will all fall into place just perfect! Keep watching the mail for you inviation!! I hope all my RSVP's say YES!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I really want to try extreme couponing! I'm not sure if I have the time or drive to do it, but I'm going to give it a shot! Yikes! I don't think I'm ever going to be as extreme as those people on TLC, but I really want to try to save my family some money! I started researching coupons last night about 11pm and got so into it I stayed up to after 2am! I found a lot of useful information! Did you know toothpaste is something that you never have to pay for if you watch the sales & use coupons! I had NO IDEA! I'm still not 100% sure how to get everything for free, but I'm going to try! I have Brent on a search looking for an old Sunday's paper, since we didn't get one yesterday! ha! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how it's going for me!
Oh I've also been filling out information to get a lot of free samples and just freebies! It's so cool! Last night I signed up to get a free can of paint, a free jello mold, 2 free razors, and free makeup remover! Awesome! We'll see maybe I'll really be able to change my budget!! I sure hope so! I love free & saving!
Wish me luck!! I think I'm gonna need it!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The rubber misrepresents an aircraft within an expensive diet.

The rubber misrepresents an aircraft within an expensive diet.     

At A BondFire Out In The Sticks

Last night we partied like rock stars! Well kinda! A good friend of ours Big Joe, was having a bondfire out at his place! Food, Fire, & his homemade punch (more about the punch later) So we loaded up & drove 18 miles north to the "trailerhood". We got there about 9pm and it was drizzling, but nothing was going to ruin the fun. Zach took off in the house with the kids and Brent 7 i made our way to the fire out back! Walking up we could hear someone pickin' & singin' No party in Nashville is a party without that! 

Big Joe & Alisha sure do know how to throw a party! There was so much food! Ribs, shiskabobs, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled jalapeno poppers, deviled eggs, some tasty dips and so much more! Oh & the drinks! Clear Roys for everyone!! The star of the party had to be Big Joes homemade punch! I don't know what was even in it! Watermelon, Bananas, Mango, Strawberry and more mixed with voldka! The best part about this punch was you couldn't taste the voldka! Yikes!! I only had one glass because it was strong, but the rest of the party people sucked it down!!

Brent did some singin'! I'm always impressed with how talented he is! I think he sang about 3 songs & Big Joe said "This man will have a publishing deal before the year is out" Oh I hope so! Brent wrote a song with with a friend of ours called "Between Satyin & Gone" it's a monster song! Big Joe cut it on his upcoming CD! That CD should be out June 1st! Be sure to look for it!

Another good friend of ours names Bob was there. He has a really awesome company that creates effective, targeted marketing campaigns using the latest Social Media!

It was a great party! Pickin' & Grinin' Good Food, Tasty Drinks & most of all Good Friends! Our little Nashville Clique is very talented and going places! I know that for a fact!

On to another day of livin, lovin, & tryin to figure out this crazy thing called life!

Brent Ellis

New Media Edge

Big Joes